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Granite Doctor Surface Refinishing

Surface Restoration (Resurfacing)

Surface restoration is one of the most requested items on the list. Countertops made of natural stones are situated at the kitchen areas where all the food items might be a potential stubborn stains. Even with your caution, natural stones are very prone to get blemished. However, do not conclude that it is not possible to restore! No matter if your countertop’s original surface is polished or honed, we can restore damaged or stained surfaces to its original state as if nothing has happened! The earlier you call us to take care, the cleaner it will be!

Natural stone countertops might lose its shininess over time. We can polish to make it shinier to the original glassier look. On the other hand, If you wish to change the polished look into lusterless texture, we can also hone it to have stain free, anti slip fine matte finish!

Granite Doctor Sealing Countertops

Sealing and Resealing

It is crucial to care for natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine and soapstone. Scheduling regular sealing of countertops and backsplashes should be priority. Natural stone countertops are very porous and have very high potential of absorbability. Food, wine, soap and more, all can be absorbed into surface quickly and remain undesired stains without treatment. Having your natural stone countertops and backsplashes sealed professionally by us, it will make the surface less likely to get stained! This one step prevention/treatment will save your life and keep the long lasting countertops.

Granite Doctor Caulking

Caulking and Recaulking

Many caulking and silicon products promise decades of lifetime. However, the fact that the caulking gets contaminated with dirt and grime is inevitable. Our service of removing, cleaning and recaulking will make your bath look fresh and countertops look like they have been just installed.

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