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History of Granite Doctor and how it all got started.

Granite Doctor Logo 1000x250Granite Doctor Inc.
Established in 2013

In 2008 Alex K and his father started countertop installation business called Bee Construction. Shortly after, Alex and his father turned to bigger companies to find new project contracts. Up to the year of 2013 Bee Construction had a great success and was a preferred contractor to the bigger companies to do fabrication and installation of granite, marble, travertine, quartz and corian countertops; simultaneously, Alex was giving a specialized projects of repairing damaged countertops.

In September of 2013 Alex saw huge potential that greatly matched his long time dream of being great leader in his own company specializing in restoration and repair of stone products. Granite Doctor was born. Slowly but steadily Granite Doctor gained quick momentum since Alex was known to the local Denver industry as a quality restoration and repair service to various natural and manmade countertop surfaces. Now Granite Doctor is contracted with top granite suppliers including IRG (Interior Resource Group) in Denver Colorado.

Meet the business owner and partner Alex K.

Alex K
Founder and Partner | Granite Doctor Inc.

Alex was born in Eastern Europe and grew up in the family where construction business was a primary source of income. Alex quickly picked up the trait of always building something using his own hands verses hiring someone. During summer school breaks Alex was always helping his father on the job sites because he was always curious about how things are built.

In 2003 Alex moved to U.S. to pursue life of a self made individual. After finishing school Alex took specialized courses to learn more about natural stone such as granite, marble and travertine and manmade stone like quartz. Further into education Alex and his father learned about rapidly expanding construction industry in Denver Colorado. Without wasting any time they moved to the Mile High City and opened business called Bee Construction to concentrate on fabrication and installation of countertops. In 2013 Alex saw a huge opportunity by opening Granite Doctor specializing in restoration and repair of natural and manmade stone.