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Granite Doctor specializes in taking care of your kitchen and bathroom made out of granite, marble, travertine, quartz, soapstone, corian and natural stone tiles! Ask professionals for any problems you have! We can fix them right away! Restoration is our World™.


Once you invest in your natural stones, it is your best interest to keep its beauty by yourself! Our Granite Doctor products are top quality items that we use at our restoration work. Our customers love them because it is simple, easy, and it works as expected!

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Granite Doctor Restoration

You thought stains and blemishes on your countertops are never ending problems? Let us bring it back to the brand-new looks! Our quality workmanship takes care surface restoration, sealing/re-sealing, removing mold and caulking.

Granite Doctor Granite Repair


You made cracks and chips on your beautiful countertops? Don’t worry! We provide professional service to repair broken seams, fallen sinks, and minor damages such as cracks, chips, scratches regardless of sizes! Not only kitchens, but also we can take care of any natural stone problems for bathrooms, fireplace, cutting board, wine holders, and shower steps/seats.

Granite Doctor Granite Modification

Granite Modifications

Besides repair and restoration, Granite Doctor can help granite modifications. Heavy duty work such as adjusting/recutting your counter tops made of natural stones, drilling holes, and attaching dishwasher brackets are possible by the granite professionals like us!